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Why the STERLING SILVER is always 92.5%

3 years ago | Ashok Agarwal

Hey the jewelry buyer welcome to our store ,  you must have purchase silver jewelry from a lot of stores . every time you buy you must have a question in mind " Why the STERLING SILVER is always 92.5%  " 

the silver when purchased from bank is always 999 or in simple words we could say its 99.99%pure this is its purest form available and it is soft at this purity 

so at this purity or softness it gets difficult to be designed hence it is then mixed with other alloys like mostly copper and brass . some people also mix nickel that is harmful to sensitive skin but need not to worry , stay assured SatyamSilver's complete collection is nickel free 

after the mixing its becomes a little stiff and then is easy to be worked upon  . and the standard  mixing comprises of 925:75 silver:metal

i hope this has might helped you in understanding "Why the STERLING SILVER is always 92.5% "

thanks for you time